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Create & Cultivate Chicago Recap!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am always down for informative and fun networking opportunities. Whether it is a fitness related event or more on the business/professional side; I enjoy connecting with people and hearing about their story and sharing mine. I recently had an amazing opportunity to attend an all day, jammed-packed conference called Create & Cultivate in Chicago!

What is Create & Cultivate?

Create & Cultivate is a platform for women to connect with other female entrepreneurs, business women, and more through an online blog and in-person conferences and summits. It's a community run by women for women to feel inspired to create their dream jobs and careers. Create & Cultivate has brought their conferences to major cities across the US such as LA, Chicago, Seattle, and more!

Create & Cultivate Chicago

I was fortunate to attend the Chicago conference this past August and it was hands down the best conference I've ever attended! The conference is split into two tracks that are focused on either entrepreneurship and how to grow your business or on marketing content creation and establishing your brand. It is a 12 hour day (yes, literally 8:00AM to 8:00PM) filled with amazing panelists, fashion & beauty bars, and plenty of food & refreshments to keep the attendees energized throughout the day.

My favorite thing about Create & Cultivate is that the conferences are SO incredibly inspiring and focused on female empowerment and collaboration. I highly doubt anyone leaves a Create & Cultivate event without feeling inspired or having increased levels of motivation. My three favorite panels during the Chicago event were the conversations with Shay Mitchell (because she's amazing), Jennifer Hudson (because she's a badass), and the LUNA negotiation panel because they all encouraged women to know their worth and fight for equality in the workplace.

"If my value was zero, you would not have come here today." - Blake Von D

Create & Cultivate is also packed with amazing brands across health & wellness, fashion, beauty, technology, and more! My favorite activations included set ups by Oui by Yoplait, Health-Ade Kombucha, Biossance, LUNA, and Nordstrom!

"If you're looking for validation, you're putting yourself in a very vulnerable position." - Shay Mitchell

The only recommendation I have for Create & Cultivate is to possibly incorporate charging stations or lounges for their all day conferences. From all the posting on social media, taking notes the digital way versus old school paper & pen, and networking with other attendees, the battery life on one's phone can decrease real quick. Otherwise, the conference itself was an amazing experience and huge success in my opinion.

I would definitely recommend Create & Cultivate to anyone looking for inspiration to grow their brand or just to network with like minded women who strive to lead successful lives. Not only did I leave with three bags filled with amazing products (yes three goodie bags!), but I also left feeling inspired and more knowledgable on how to advance my career.

See below for Create & Cultivate's Chicago 2018 video!(My friend and I make a quick appearance at :47 sec!)

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