• Nicole Jacobs

Matcha, Matcha, Matcha! My Two Fave Homemade Matcha Recipes

I love everything about you so MATCHA!

Anyone who knows me, works with me, or follows me on social media knows that I absolutely love matcha! The obsession is really real. I can't recall when or how my matcha craze started, but ever since that first encounter, I've been hooked.

Right before I went on my vacation to the Philippines last year, I decided to become a pescatarian [this month makes my year mark!]. Ever since then I've been paying more attention to what I consume, I've been cooking/baking more and overall I've just explored different ways to continue to take care of my body. Eating and drinking matcha has definitely played a huge role during that transition.

If you don't know, now you know

So what is matcha? Matcha is essentially high-grade green tea that has been finely grounded into powder form. According to health.com, matcha has a variety of different health benefits:

  • Rich in antioxidants

  • Reduction in blood pressure

  • Boosts metabolism

  • Slows the growth of cancer cells

I've also read in an article that consuming matcha is great for a post workout drink or snack!


Matcha can be more on the expensive side [depending on which grade you buy], but that hasn't stopped me from buying it. I wanted to explore different ways I could incorporate matcha into food, aside from my go-to iced matcha lattes, so I experimented with two simple household staples: pancakes and cookies!

I have the biggest sweet tooth and these two matcha recipes are super easy to make and definitely will satisfy your cravings. Check out my homemade recipes below for matcha pancakes and matcha white chocolate chip cookies!

Matcha Pancakes


  • 1tsp of butter [to coat the skillet for each pancake]

  • 1cup Buttermilk pancake mix [the just add water kind, simple!]

  • 1tbsp of matcha powder [option to add more for a greater flavor]

  • 1cup of water

  • 1tsp of vanilla extract

  • 1 handful of blueberries or milk chocolate chips [I like to add milk chocolate chips to the batter and then add blueberries on top after cooking]


  1. Add a smear of butter to your skillet and set to medium heat

  2. Combine pancake mix and matcha powder

  3. Add in water and vanilla extract, stir until everything is mixed

  4. Add in milk chocolate chips or blueberries and stir

  5. Carefully pour a medium size amount of batter into the skillet

  6. Cook pancakes as normal and flip when air bubbles form

  7. Place on a plate when second side is lightly brown

  8. Enjoy!


Matcha White Chocolate Chip Cookies


  • 4oz cream cheese

  • 8tbsp salted butter

  • 3/4cup sugar

  • 1cup flour

  • 2tbsp matcha powder

  • 1/2cup white chocolate chips


  1. Combine cream cheese, butter, and sugar in a mixing bowl

  2. Use a hand mixer at low-medium speed to combine everything until smooth

  3. Add in flour and matcha

  4. Use hand mixer on low speed, to mix together

  5. Add in white chocolate chips and stir together using a spoon

  6. Place a plastic wrap over the cookie batter and place in freezer for 30 minutes to an hour

  7. Remove cookie batter from fridge and scoop onto a cookie tray lined with parchment paper [you can choose how big or small you want the cookies to be!]

  8. After cookies are placed on the tray, use a spoon to slightly press down on the batter so it's flatter at the top and can bake even

  9. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 12 - 14 minutes

  10. Remove from oven and let cool for at least 10 minutes

  11. Enjoy!

*Tip: make sure butter and cream cheese are room temperature to make mixing easier!