• Nicole Jacobs

MWiT Conference - Chicago

Last week on March 23rd, I had an amazing opportunity to join 300+ other women in the MWiT (Midwest Women in Tech) Conference at Google Chicago! The event was hosted by WTF; I know what you're thinking, but in this case I'm referring to the wonderful ladies of the organization, Women Tech Founders! #WomenInTech is something that has been trending recently and the tech space is definitely an area I try to become more involved with.

​WTF creates networking events across the nation such as the MWiT conference to essentially bring women together and create a space that bridges the primarily dominated male tech world by providing female entrepreneurs with access to capital.

I was grateful to attend this event with some of my fellow LUNA bar team members and peers who are involved within the tech and health/fitness space. I left this conference inspired by so many strong, smart, and resilient women who continue to work day and night to launch or grow their own businesses, or simply perfect their craft. I enjoyed hearing from the panelists throughout the day share their own personal experiences and offer advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs who may be hesitant to start their own business or take that leap of faith!

As a women in tech person myself, I found this conference to be extremely beneficial to my current role at TMS (The Marketing Store). I currently work in Digital Marketing Operations under the T-mobile Tuesdays app and find tech events like these to be very helpful in my career.

For more information on WTF and to possibly attend one of their conferences in the future, be sure to follow them on their social media outlets below:

Women Tech Founders:

Facebook: Women Tech Founders

Instagram: @womentechfounders

Twitter: @WTFounders

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