• Nicole Jacobs

The Women's Health FITNESS FIX: Review

The Women's Health Fitness Fix is your go to guidebook on how transform and lead a more fit and healthier lifestyle! It incorporates all the necessary tools, resources, and ingredients to motivate individuals and better their relationships with nutrition and exercise. While the book primarily focuses on various workouts and simple recipes to help shape your physical bodies, it is also a great resource for your mental health and how you view food and wellness overall.

The author of Fitness Fix, Jen Ator, is the fitness director of Women's Health magazine where she overlooks the active lifestyle category for the brand. She is a featured trainer for several national shows, a certified NSCA specialist, and an overall badass! Follow her on IG or any other social media platform for some serious inspiration!

What I love about Fitness Fix is that it is loaded with tons of research and quick tips for the every girl or person. Whether it's for the twenty-something year old looking to eat healthier or the mom of three aiming to gain her pre-pregnancy bod back, Fitness Fix is packed with knowledge for everyone.

It is sectioned into three main parts with several chapters in between that focus on the overall goal for that section. I enjoy the fact that I can jump around each part or chapter versus reading the book from front to back. If I'm searching for alternatives for breakfast I can jump to Part two Chapter 13 to help mix up my morning meal or if I'm looking to do a quick five to ten minute HIIT workout during my lunch break at work, Chapter 6 has tons of great effective, quick workouts I can do in under an hour.

Fitness Fix is a great read overall for anyone interested in rethinking their relationship with food and fitness. Jen inspires you to want to better yourselves and lifestyle in general, through healthy options for food that is more than just dieting and also motivates you to have a positive view on exercising versus just going to the gym because you have to.

This guidebook will assist you in making small steps that will lead you in the right direction of achieving your goals and managing them in the long run. I would definitely recommend Fitness Fix to anyone who is a work in progress with their fitness and health journey!

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